Cenlo Central Locking System

1. Remote Control & On-Door Keypad:
Effortless control at your fingertips. Whether it’s locking or unlocking doors, Cenlo’s system offers convenience with remote control and on-door keypad options.

2. Motion-Activated Remote Deactivation:
Safety in motion. The system deactivates the remote while the vehicle is in motion, providing an extra layer of security.

3. Real-Time Status Updates:
Stay informed. Receive instant notifications about the status of your doors – are they locked or unlocked? Cenlo keeps you in the loop.

4. Manual Override and Locking:
In case of emergencies or specific preferences, manual control options are seamlessly integrated.

5. Digital Input Options:
Customize your security. Cenlo’s system allows for digital input, giving you the flexibility to set preferences according to your needs.

DC Motor Actuator

1. Place of Use:

Highest quality DC motor and micro switches

2. Material:

Plastic case black plastic, PA6 %30 GFR White plastic, POM / DERLİN / POLİOKSİMETİLEN 20mm stroke, 12V or 24V

3. Weight:

150 g/each

Cenlo Immobilizer System

1. Keyless Start:
If you have your key with you, you can easily start your vehicle with the start-stop button. Say goodbye to traditional keys!

2. Automatic Door Locking:
Just drive and forget the rest. Cenlo Immobilizer increases safety by automatically locking the doors while driving.

3. Security Module:
Extra protection in case of moving away from the vehicle. The security module ensures safety by stopping the engine when a certain distance away from your vehicle.

4. Glass Control with Remote Control:
Everything is here for your comfort. With the remote control, you can open and close all the windows and intervene from the outside.

Cenlo Wireless Charging Module

1. Auto Charge Start:
Charging starts automatically as soon as you place your phone in the unit. Get rid of cable clutter, start charging now!

2. Wide Case Compatibility:
Compatible with cases up to 3mm, you can quickly charge your phone even while keeping it in your case.

3. Intelligent Power Distribution:
It automatically provides the highest power according to the needs of each phone.
It performs the charging process with maximum efficiency.

4. Universal Compatibility:
No matter iOS or Android, the Cenlo Wireless Charger adapts seamlessly to both platforms. One unit charges all your phones.

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