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At Cenlo, we are at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to shaping the future of vehicle security and convenience.

Innovation and Technology

Cenlo is driven by innovation, constantly embracing and leveraging emerging technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions in the realm of vehicle security and electronic locking systems.

Electric Vehicle Emphasis

With a strong commitment to sustainable transportation, Cenlo places a special emphasis on catering to the unique security needs of electric vehicles, aligning its solutions with the evolving landscape of clean and efficient mobility.

Enhanced Security

Cenlo prioritizes security by designing and offering state-of-the-art electronic solutions that guarantee the safety of vehicles and the peace of mind of their owners. Advanced anti-theft measures and secure connectivity are integral to the solutions provided.

User-Centric Solutions

The company focuses on creating user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate into the modern automotive experience. From keyless entry to secure device-to-vehicle connectivity, Cenlo aims to enhance the convenience and comfort of drivers.

Expertise and Passion

Cenlo is backed by a team of experts who possess a deep understanding of automotive technology. Their passion for innovation and dedication to excellence enable the company to deliver high-quality products and services.

Future-Ready Approach

As the automotive industry undergoes rapid changes, Cenlo's future-ready approach ensures that its solutions remain relevant and adaptable to the evolving needs of vehicle owners and the advancements in vehicle technology.

Connected Driving

Cenlo's solutions enable a new level of connected driving, allowing vehicles to seamlessly communicate with devices and networks. This connectivity enhances both security and convenience, making driving experiences safer and more enjoyable.


Pioneering Technology-Infused Solutions by Bahattin DOGAN Auto Lock Systems

Since its establishment in 1968, Bahattin Doğan Oto Kilit has been a trailblazer in the automotive industry, specializing in manufacturing lock systems and hinges. Rooted in decades of expertise and dedication, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner for automotive OEMs, catering to their critical needs with precision-engineered solutions.

Today, we proudly introduce Cenlo, a brand born from the fusion of our heritage and a vision for the future. Cenlo represents our commitment to advancing automotive technology and enhancing security and convenience through innovative products.

Automotive Locking Systems

Elevating security from the ground up, Cenlo redefines automotive locking systems.

Vehicle Security Solutions

Beyond the confines of conventional safety, Cenlo embraces a broader vision of safeguarding.

Life-Centric Security Systems

Upholding the sanctity of life, Cenlo introduces innovative solutions that redefine the concept of safety.

Wireless Phone Chargers

With the rapid advancement of technology, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, playing a significant role in making our lives easier.


At Cenlo, we have embarked on a journey of relentless innovation, redefining the landscape of automotive security. With a rich heritage and a legacy of expertise dating back to 1968, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the automotive industry.

Our dedication is evident in the cutting-edge automotive locking systems we engineer. From central locking mechanisms that seamlessly unite your vehicle’s components to highly advanced immobilizers that shield against unauthorized access, we’ve woven security seamlessly into the fabric of your driving experience.

Our Products

1. Remote Control & On-Door Keypad
2. Motion-Activated Remote Deactivation
3. Real-Time Status Updates
4. Manual Override and Locking
5. Digital Input Options

1. Keyless Start
2. Automatic Door Locking
3. Security Module
4. Glass Control with Remote Control

1. Auto Charge Start
2. Wide Case Compatibility
3. Intelligent Power Distribution
4. Universal Compatibility

Our Projects

In the landscape of modern automotive security, where innovation meets challenges head-on, emerges the Laser-Powered Vehicle Security System. Crafted as an impenetrable shield against theft and unauthorized entries, this cutting-edge system redefines safety with the brilliance of laser technology.

Designed with the future in mind, this system is the epitome of advanced security:

A Shield Against Theft: The Laser-Powered Vehicle Security System is a guardian of your vehicle's sanctity. By harnessing the precision of laser technology, it creates an invisible net of protection that thwarts theft attempts with unwavering accuracy. Any unauthorized attempt to breach your vehicle's perimeter is instantly detected and met with rapid response, ensuring that your property remains rightfully yours.

Foiling Unauthorized Entries: Beyond theft, this system extends its capabilities to counter unauthorized entries. Be it cargo vehicles vulnerable to theft or border checkpoints susceptible to covert infiltrations, the system's laser-powered sensors create an impregnable barrier. As the lasers scan for any breach, potential intrusions are halted, preserving the integrity of your cargo and the security of sensitive areas.

In the dynamic realm of automotive security, where innovation intersects with protection, emerges the Life Security System. A visionary solution meticulously designed to not only safeguard your vehicle but also prioritize the sanctity of life that surrounds it.

The Life Security System stands as a beacon of advanced technology, transcending traditional concepts of automotive protection. Its fundamental mission is to detect and safeguard living beings around your vehicle, ensuring their safety and the preservation of your property.

This innovative system is more than just sensors; it's a proactive shield. When any form of life is detected in the vicinity of your vehicle, the Live Security System springs into action. It intuitively prevents vehicle doors from opening if there's potential for harm to the living beings nearby, ensuring that your vehicle doesn't inadvertently cause harm

The Life Security System exemplifies our commitment to shaping a safer, more responsible automotive landscape. It's a testament to the convergence of technology and ethics – a solution that adapts to the evolving needs of a world in motion. With this system, your vehicle is not just secure; it's a partner in preserving life, demonstrating our belief in security that resonates beyond boundaries.

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